Tangent Collection

Materials . Finishes
Travertine . Black Marquina . Volakas
Polished . Honed
L 260  W 110  H 75 cm /  L 102.4  W 43.3  H 29.5 in

Limited edition of 12

Made in Portugal . Price on request
Estimated Production time  8-10 weeks

Inspired by the concept of a tangent, where a line gently touches a curve without crossing it, each piece in this collection captures the beauty of that exquisite connection. The curved shapes subtly allude to the human body and aim to recreate that special moment when two surfaces “kiss” each other.  The leg base has a 20cm diameter surface in contact with the floor that provides stability. The meticulous attention to proportions and fine details ensures that each piece is a work of art in its own right.

Considering marble's finite characteristic and singularities, each object is available as a limited edition of 12 pieces.