Bündner Collection SQR

Materials . Finishes
Oak . Lacquered . Oiled . Black stained
Walnut . Lacquered . Oiled
L 280  W 40  H 45 cm / L 200  W 40  H 40 cm
L 110.2  W 15.7   H 17.7 cm / L 78.7  W 15.7   H 15.7 in

Other materials and price on request
Estimated delivery 6-8 weeks


Drawing inspiration from the Bündner Collection RND, this collection embraces the same design language, featuring a cross-legged frame. The stained black oak finishing and its square worktops add a distinctive touch, elevating the overall aesthetic with clean lines and elegant design.

Crafted from solid wood, each piece in this collection possesses a unique character and charm, celebrating the natural beauty and inherent qualities of the material.

Each piece is numbered and produced in limited editions.